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What is activity ?

Activity is a measure of fans interaction with the page. It is equal to :

(number of posts+ number of comments + number of likes + number of shares)/ number of days of the period of time


How is engagement calculated ?


Wholikes.us is calculating three different engagement metrics.

  • Page engagement : (2*number of comments + number of likes+ number of shares)/number of posts
  • Member engagement : 2*number of posts+number of comments+ number of likes done by the member on the edited period of time.
  • Post engagement : 2*number of comments+number of likes+number of shares related to the post

Can I delegate the pages stats to other Facebook accounts?

Yes you can with the Medium and Business Plans.

Can I cancel my Subscription when I want ?

You can cancel a Monthly subscription at any time. Just go to https://wholikes.us/my-account/ and click on cancel. You will not be charged anymore.

Important notice : cancellation requests done by email will not be taken into account.

How long does it take to get the statistics?

It depends on the page activity. Anyway you will receive an email once it is finished.

Is WhoLikes.Us Free ?

Once you are logged in you have a 30 Days Free Trial with all the features from the Small Plan.

Where are you located ?

We are located in Troyes (in the Champagne area), in France.

What are you going to do with the data collected ?

Our action with this data is stricly limited and explained in our terms of service and privacy policy. We do not sell your data to anyone, this is why we ask for a fee.

Where are you getting your data ?

We are using the Facebook API in order to get the data from pages. That’s why we need you to connect through your Facebook account. We are not scraping data like Age, Gender or location.

What is a Credit ?

Each time you are doing a new analysis (add a new page, update the data of a page) you use one credit.
If you start with the Free plan, it means you can analyze 3 pages once in a month or three times the same page (updating it three times) within a monthly period of time.
The number of credits is set to zero at the end of every monthly period of time, whatever amount has been used. Monthly period of time is initiated the day of your registration or subscription and run for 30 days.

What are the Main features ?

Wholikesus is designed to help facebook pages’ admins improve their page engagement by analyzing their fans behaviors as well as their competitors’.

Wholikes.us is delivering statistics and Insights about any Facebook page and its Fans, even if the ones you don’t admin.

Number of interactions (posts, comments likes, shares) , number of people interacting with the page, engagement metrics of a page are made accessible for any Facebook member.

User can also compare activities ( a measure of fans engagement) of several Facebook pages.