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WhoLikesUs weekly review (27 April, 2017)

If you have a local business, you can use Facebook to grow it. Read Anissa's story and get tips. Facebook is at the forefront of marketing technology innovation. Have a look at its 10-year road map and be aware of those innovations. Facebook is the perfect place to share your message and get heard. See [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (21 April, 2017)

If you want to make your Facebook Live video more engaging, you should start using Live 360. See how to use it to enhance your marketing. To create videos that stand out, you can apply a simple formula. Do you need inspiration for your Facebook page, here are 10 B2B brands that are getting creative [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (14 April, 2017)

Facebook Stories gives you a way to deliver time-sensitive content to your personal Facebook network. Here are some insights and tactics to leverage this newest Facebook feature to your advantage. If you are a service-based entrepreneur, you can use 7 Facebook strategies for business via your personal profile. Do you want to increase your video [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (07 April, 2017)

Businesses can use Facebook to gain exposure, learn about their current and prospective customers and their overall market's intentions. Get 10 tactics to increase your Facebook page fans. Facebook messenger chatbot has been proven to be very successful for many of the businesses. Chat with those 30 bots and see how they work. If you [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (31 March, 2017)

Do you know that psychology can be used to boost your Facebook engagement? Here are 3 principles. There are a lot of ‘secret’ Facebook marketing features that you can use today, features that the pros use all the time which will make managing your own page and campaigns just that much easier and effective… You [...]

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Get the Posts of a Facebook Page

Do you want to get the posts of a Facebook Page in an Excel file? It can be a page you admin or any other page. You can archive all the posts and their engagement metrics. You can rank the posts to find the most valuable information and content. You can also make an analysis and research [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (24 March, 2017)

Facebook events are an easy, convenient and inexpensive way for your small business to connect to customers. If you want to promote your startup successfully on Facebook, you can apply 7 tips. Many associations, clubs, churches and other nonprofits use Facebook to grow their organizations in members and revenue. If your nonprofit doesn't have a [...]

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Choose the Period for Facebook Pages Benchmark

Do you know how to choose the time period for Facebook Pages Benchmark? Every day there are new posts, reactions, comments and shares on Facebook. When doing Facebook Page benchmark, it is important to choose different periods, as the last 7, 31 or 90 days. You can get insights from distinct perspectives. You can see how to in [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (17 March, 2017)

If your business isn’t making itself visible on Facebook, then you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective places to meet new customers. Here are 12 tips to take advantage of the internet’s most popular social media platform. To make your brand more influential and attractive to your customers, you need to increase your [...]

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4 Tips to Build an Engaging Community with Two Facebook Page Metrics

Do you want to build an engaging community on your Facebook Page? Do you know which metrics you can use to monitor, measure and optimize your page? There are two metrics you can't ignore : Fans and Active Fans. Facebook Pages is all about fans. Your fans number is not just a vanity metric. The more fans you [...]

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