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WhoLikesUs weekly review (24 February, 2017)

The measurement strategy for Facebook Reactions isn't as easy as tallying up Likes or shares. You need to add some nuance to understand. Facebook competitions are good to gain traction and create excitement of fans. Here are 50 ideas, tips and examples. Should you create multiple Facebook Pages for your business? There are some pros [...]

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3 Ways of Benchmarking Facebook Pages

When doing Facebook Pages Benchmark, you may ask why doing it. Through Facebook Pages Benchmark, you can improve your Facebook Marketing, watch your competitors, learn the industry trends ... You can get started in 3 ways: compare your own pages, compare your competitors' pages and compare pages in the same industry. 1. Compare your own pages As page [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (17 February, 2017)

If you want to get more Facebook Likes and grow your tribe on Facebook, follow the fastest ways. Need to maximize your reach on Facebook? Apply 5 strategies. Facebook can be used to promote your books. See how to do it. 1. Fastest Ways to Get Likes in a Facebook Page Want to get more Facebook likes? [...]

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8 Metrics You Should Use to Benchmark Facebook Pages

Do you know which metrics you should use to benchmark Facebook Pages? By comparing key engagement metrics, you can understand which page performs the best and how it engages fans. You will see 8 metrics you need to use in this article. Key Metrics First, you need to benchmark 3 key metrics. With the 3 key metrics, [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (10 February, 2017)

To maximize Ecommerce Sales through Facebook in 2017, there are 4 tips you need to follow. Want to increase engagement on Facebook? See what 13 experts say. If you are doing 10 things on Facebook for your brand, you need to stop. 1. Here's How to Maximize Ecommerce Sales Through Facebook in 2017 Facebook has [...]

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How to Search for Facebook Pages

Do you know how to search for Facebook Pages ? You can see how to find Pages related to keywords in this article. 1. From your dashboard, click "Add your pages" on the menu on the left side. Then click "Next" button. Note: this page is for you to find and add the pages you [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (03 February, 2017)

In this weekly review, you will see what Facebook marketing might look like in 2017. If you want to increase your post oragnic reach, there are some mistakes you should avoid. See what they are. You will also get tips about how to make Facebook Page work for you. 1. Nineteen Facebook Marketing Prediction for 2017 From [...]

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How to Use WhoLikesUs Dashboard to Manage Facebook Pages

Do you know how to use WhoLikesUs dashboard to manage Facebook Pages? You can see how in this article. With WhoLikesUs dashboard, you can view and manage all the Facebook Pages you added, view and benchmark the key engagement metrics, analyze fans, get fans' data, make Pages benchmark, find top messages, make content curation... Hover [...]

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WhoLikesUs weekly review (27 January, 2017)

Do you know how to develop your Facebook community and cultivate loyal fans? Do you know how to adapt your Facebook marketing for 2017? Do you understand how to use Facebook for your business goal? Here are 3 articles for you. 1. Facebook Community Development: How to Cultivate Loyal Fans Are you creating a fan [...]

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How to Get your Facebook Pages Benchmark Report

Do you know how to get your Facebook Pages Benchmark report? You will see how in this article. 1. From your dashboard, click "Benchmark" on the menu on the left side. Among the pages you have added, click to select those you want to benchmark. Once selected, the icon becomes colorful. You can click it [...]

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