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All the Features

WhoLikesUs helps you manage your Facebook Pages in one single dashboard, and gets for you insights about posts & fans of any Facebook Pages.

With WhoLikesUs, you can

  • Get fans ranking
  • Make competitor or industry benchmark
  • Find top messages
  • Get engagement and activity metrics
  • Export leads, posts & fans lists, graphics and statistics

WhoLikesUs updates automatically data. You can always get the newest data. You can work with your team members in the same account.

Fans ranking

You can know who are the active fans of your page or any othe page.

You can make a ranking based on fans engagement, posts number, comments number, reactions numbers or the date of their last activity.

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According to the metrics as engagement score, activity score, active fans number, reactions number, comments number …. you can compare the performance of

  • all your pages
  • your pages with your competitors’
  • any pages in the industry you want to learn about

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Top messages

You can find the top posts of any page based on the number of the reactions, comments and shares they get.

You can create new contents based on these messages’ topics and forms. You can highlight and promote your page’s top posts with messager, group or Facebook Ads.


Engagement & Activity metrics

You can monitor each page’s activity on a daily basis. You can learn about each page’s engagement and activity metrics: active fans, posts, reactions, comments, shares… You can campare these metrics accross time by seleting two time periods.

You can see post type distribution (text, photo, link, video). You can see posts and comments distribution by month, day or hour.  You can get all the posts or all the comments in one list for your further work: archive, research, feedback…

You can know how the fans engage according to their categories: publishers, commenters, reactors. You can know who your top fans are: top engaged fans, top posters, top reactors, top commenters and top influencers. You can generate and share your top fans mosaic photos as a “Wall of Fame” on your page to engage your fans.

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Exports and reporting

You can export

  • active fans data, page posts and comments in Excel list
  • all the charts, graphics, and photos in PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG
  • page report in PDF, PPT or Excel

for your sales, marketing, study, reporting and presentation.

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