Get a free 30-day trial with all the Small subscription features (no credit card required)


$ 10


Up to 5 pages
1 team member(s)
30 days initial data


$ 49


Up to 10 pages
3 team member(s)
60 days initial data
Discover shared fans


$ 99


Up to 40 pages
10 team member(s)
90 days initial data
Discover shared fans


Custom pricing

Custom number of pages
Custom number of team member(s)
90+ days initial data
Discover shared fans

All subscriptions include

  • Active fans & Posts Lists
  • Excel & PDF & PPT exports
  • Pages audit & benchmark tool
  • Fans engagement metrics
  • Page activity daily metrics
  • Page search tool
  • Wall of Fame
  • Date selection & Custom time zone
  • Customer support

Get more data from your page

You can buy a history product without any subscription. You will be able to export posts, comments and members in an Excel file and choose the date of the analysis.

Get the last 3 months of activity of one page


per page
Get the last 6 months of activity of one page


per page
Get the last 12 months of activity of one page


per page

Frequently asked questions

What WhoLikesUs does with the data collected ?

The data WhoLikesUs collects from any page you import is confidential. It is only used for your needs and won’t be used by or sold to a third part.

Can I cancel my subscription when I want ?

Yes, you can cancel a your subscription at any time. Cancellation can only be done by yourself. You need to go to Your acocunt and click “Cancel”. Once you cancel your subscription plan, you won’t be charged any more. You can keep using the free subscription plan.

Can I delete one page and add another one?

Yes, you can delete anytime a page from your account and add another one if you subscribe to the premium, pro or enterprise plan. Once you delete it, all the data as active fans, posts or statistics will also be deleted.

Which are the possible payment options ?

Our online payment system accepts credit card