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Use cases

It is sometimes difficult to know if you are doing well as a Facebook page admin. If Facebook provides insights about how posts are doing, it can get tricky to have a broad view of your page activity.

Say you have 5000 fans on your Facebook page.

Do you only know how many of them are really engaging your page every day, week or month ? is it 1000, 500 or 100 ? Do you have any idea if you have a real fan base ?

This is where WhoLikesUs can help. It will tell you :

  • the number of people that have interacted with your page today or this week
  • what they did (commented, liked)
  • who they are.

This gives you enough data to start thinking about your engagement strategy.


How well is your page


Benchmark your page

What about the benchmark ?

You can get this fans base insights for any Facebook page , you do not even need to be admin of the page you analyze.

So it becomes really simple to compare your stats with your competitors or the pages in a given sector : you will know then where your page stands.

Let’s talk about your fans. You can have 100 , 1000 or millions of fans. Well do you know who they are ? Some of them just liked the page once, months ago , and never came back.

Others may react to any content you share, and some people may interact whith your page but never liked it.

Instead on focusing on the impact of every post, WhoLikes.Us give you a broad view of your page life, telling you how many Facebook members did posted, commented or liked your page publications.

This is a unique tool to really know the the core members of your community and how they interact with your page.

WhoLikes.Us provides a ranking of this fans, so you can clearly identify people that are already great supporters.

You can choose to set a monthly ranking of your community members to create emulation and make them more eager to engage.

Consider a reward for the first one or the top three will surely increase your page engagement as people are starting to comment and share more to improve their ranking.

There is another great thing you can do : have the list of your competitors fans. Just run WhoLikes.Us for any of your competitors pages and you will have the same insights than for yours.

key users stats

Fans and their engagement


Benchmark your posts to increase reach

WhoLikes.Us is allowing you to dig into any Facebook pages. So why not have a look at what the competitors or big companies are doing ?

This is a good way to save time than to get benefit from other ressources.

Check what are the most successful publications of other pages and get inspired !

See what kind of picture or type of content creates great interactions and engagement on other pages.

Knowing how fans are reacting to different kind of messages and what they share the most are key data in the setup of a successful content strategy.

You can also drill into fans comments to see how people are reacting to publications. People are telling what they like or not, or better, what they would like. Comments could be a gold mine for business intelligence.